Our government's failure to take care of its War Casualties
and the lives left hanging in the balance

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder     Traumatic Brain Injury  
Undiagnosed and untreated PTSD and TBI

Often undiagnosed this dangerous blood borne parasite can live in stored blood for up to  30 days
and is transmitted sexually ,congentially, and by blood transfusion

Acinetobacter baumannii , MRSA , Psuedomonas aeruginosa, C difficile, Klebsiella pnuemonia

Hospital acquired infections were proliferated in the overburdened military evacuation system
and some strains have grown to be completely resistant to every antimicrobial available
These Superbug strains were spread from the military facilities, to the VA facilities,
to community hospitals and long term care facilities all across the US and any country
where a contractor  or soldier was repatriated via the US military.
Landstuhl  treated casualties from over 40 countries

The winners in the battle for medical care, disability, and death benefits are the insurance companies
like AIG and CNA who are paid by the taxpayer to insure the Contractors under the Defense Base Act.

American Contractors in Iraq
The Iraq Infections
DBA Workmans Compensation A Guide for the Employee
Acinetobacter baumannii in Iraq

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Your  lives are in the balance too.

Arvid Brown served in the first Gulf War as a reservist and came home with undiagnosed
Leishmaniasis viscerotropica.
He unknowingly infected his wife Janyce who gave birth to two children who were infected.
Janyce has since succumbed to her infection.
Special thanks to Janyce for her years of dedication to her family and others by working so hard to
expose the truth about leishmaniasis.
There is no sterile cure for leishmaniasis.
Leishmaniasis is a blood borne parasite that can be transmitted sexually, congenitally and by blood
transfusion or sharing needles.

Leishmaniasis can take up to twenty years to present symptoms in an otherwise healthy person.

The ban on blood donations for persons having been in Iraq and Afghanistan is only for one year.

There have been thousands of diagnosed cases of leishmaniasis in returning soldiers and
contractors and many thousands more who have no idea they carry the parasite.

There are lives in the balance.
The Defense Base Act

The DBA relieves the contract company of
all liability for any reason.  There is no
incentive to provide as safe a workplace
as possible or to take care of their
employees once they've been injured.
The taxpayer, not the KBR's, pay the HUGE
insurance premiums which run as much as
50% and more of a contractors yearly
The Insurance company is then
reimbursed for the claims, their lawyers
fees, and an administrative fee by the
taxpayer under the War Hazards Act

Contractors are killed leaving children
fatherless and having to fight insurance
companies like AIG and CNA and the
Department of Labor for years in attempts
to receive the inadequate compensation
due them under the Defense Base Act
Workmans Compensation.

Not all contractors were paid lavishly.  
Many were sent by the companies they
work for to do the same job they always
did and for the same money.

They were put in harms way with no
disclosure that the DBA was their only
recourse in the event they were disabled
for the rest of their lives.  No disclosure
that their families might never see a dime
if they die.

Now they must fight the huge insurance
companies and their high dollar lawyers
that you are paying for while the
Department of Labor who is tasked with
overseeing this program sides with the
insurance companies.

There are lives in the balance
Acinetobacter baumannii
MRSA, and more

DJ Emery survived the bomb
blast but the Acinetobacter
baumannii the military gave him
brought him extremely close to
death (Google DJ Emery) and
caused the amputation of both
The overburdened military
evacuation system out of Iraq
was the prime breeding ground
for these dangerous organisms.

The entire military health system
to include the VA system was
contaminated and nothing was
done to stop the spread to
civilian facilities all across the US.

Contractors and soldiers from 40
different countries were treated
and repatriated via this system.

Acinetobacter baumannii is now a
deadly problem in hospitals all
around the world.

There are Lives in the
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Soldiers and contractors alike are
returning with undiagnosed and
untreated PTSD.

We lost Tim Essylinck to PTSD two
months after his return from Iraq.  He was
in Baghdad from August 2003 as the war
rapidly grew more violent  through
February of 2004.
 Tim's story

Contractors with PTSD must first litigate
with the  insurance monsters  AIG, CNA,
ACE in hopes that a court order will
provide them with treatment.

The impact on them, their families, and
our society as a whole cannot be

Thousands of soldiers and contractors
have been lost to suicide while our
government ignores them and the
insurance companies deny them help.

There are hundreds of Truck Drivers on
our highways right now with PTSD.

There are families being ripped apart.

There ARE lives in the balance.
Traumatic Brain Injury

The US Defense Department
has repeatedly delayed plans to screen
soldiers for brain
injuries after deployments to Iraq or

The Pentagon's
top epidemiologist has admitted the delays
were deliberate—
part of an effort to avoid "another Gulf War
veterans' health headache for the military.

Most injured contractors were repatriated via
military medical.  Many spent weeks at Walter
Reed, Bethesda Naval, and Brook Army
Medical Center.

A contractor must first provide medical
evidence that he has TBI before CNA and AIG
will approve screening for TBI.
Benefits Denied
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